Hello Everyone, my name is Jewel D. and I stated in my first blog that I’ve been with my husband, father and friend for the past twenty-four plus years. We are happily married and have four children and two grannies together. I don’t profess to be any kind of expert or have a degree in psychology, but I do have years of experience working on a relationship, marriage, friendship and parenting. So many times I’m asked, how do you do it? Do you still love your husband the same? Do you ever get tired of him? These questions and many more have prompted me to write a book called “Conclusions” and they have fueled this blog because women want and need help with love, marriage and relationships. So, I decided we could help one another on this journey to finding love, keeping love, healing from a love or whatever the case may be, but it’s time to help one another.

Also, please feel free to connect with me directly if you just don’t want to comment through a post.  Here’s my info jeweld2009@hotmail.com, be sure to leave your email as well.



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