On last week I introduced myself and titled the post “Communicating in Marriage,” but after speaking with other women I decided to broaden the topic some; because we as women need to talk about marriage,love and relationships.  We need to be frank, share our opinions, prayers and experiences.  Women with more experience and more mature (sounds better than older) need to help our younger sisters.  I’m not saying you have to tell all your business in your marriage, love life (if you have one), but so many women just don’t tell it like it is or we pretend like what the other woman did for love, because of love or to get love was cool.  It’s time OUT, we must help each other.

Guest Blogger

I don’t want to go on and on with my personal thoughts on love, marriage and relationships (although they are many), yet I want to open the door for others to share their experiences and guest blogg with me.  So, Marsha Dudley, will share in whatever way she chooses on one, or all three topics in the morning.  I will see you there.


Good Morning,

My name is Jewel D and I want to talk about a subject that I’ve been asked about alot, marriage.  I’m not an expert on marriage, but I’ve been with my husband for the past 24 years happily, we have four great kids and two grannies, so people think we might have a secret to staying married.  There is no secret.  It’s alot of hard work involved and a tremendous amount of giving and taking.

Now, when I say we’ve been happily married, I don’t mean that every day has been a bed of roses, certainly not.  What I mean is that we have had our ups and downs, but there isn’t anyone else I could think of that I’d want to be married too.  Does my husband have his faults, many, but so do I.  Have we changed physically over the years? Gravity is apart of all of our lives.  Yet, he is my friend and companion.  Lets talk some more next week about how to be happily married.